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Anrijs Straume. Born in Riga, Latvia.

Specialising in Black and Grey Horror/Realism Portraits and Lettering tattoos.

Founder of Dark Trash Realism Tattoo style. 


"I began my tattoo career back in 2008 in Latvia. 

It led me to find a tattoo apprenticeship at “Studio One Tattoo” in Derby, UK in 2009.

Many years of working in "street shop" studios introduced me to many different styles of tattooing. Experience I gained there and working in many conventions around the world, helped me invent my own remarkable style of tattoos that is known today as - Dark Trash Realism. 

Combination of Horror Realism/ Dark Lettering  and atmospheric surrealism."


By creating a new style of tattoos, Anrijs unique work has become well known within the tattoo community and sought after by tattoo collectors all around the world.


He also strongly believes sharing your knowledge is incredibly important which is why he has run a YouTube channel for many years sharing his knowledge and educating other artists in the Tattoo community!


Anrijs is passionate about art and always wants to help new artists find their own path.

With that in mind he self published his own book - "10 years of tattooing , Art and Story book"

Together with a Documentary -  "10 years of tattooing - The Story" - Available for FREE on YouTube.

It follows his journey through life, art, studio experience and the journey of creating his own style and the path to world recognition!


Currently he works on appointment only basis in studio - Bold as Brass Tattoo Co. (Liverpool, United Kingdom)

To contact him, please visit -