This seminar will give you an in depth explanation about - How to develop your own unique Art / Tattoo style. 

Seminar is split into 15 different steps. 


"I will be discussing step by step how to approach your work and what to look for, dos and don’ts ,

sharing in-depth information about what helped me to develop my own style. Providing easy understandable examples on how to make it in practice and apply it to your own Art.


While I mainly discuss tattoo style in this seminar, as that is something I have the most experience with, I believe the information shared here will be helpful for any artist in any art medium.


For me it took 20+ years to develop my own style. BUT I'm sharing all the shortcuts here, so this could work like a cheat code for you.


With this information I’m sure you will be able to get in the right direction in just a couple of weeks. Giving you a jump start working towards reaching your goals in discovering your unique style.


I'm already excited for all of you to learn more and develop your own styles, techniques and see you working towards your dreams." - Anrijs Straume


Runtime 103 minutes (1h 43min)

In this video I explain how I draw and build up my lettering designs for tattoos, merch and other artworks.


I give detailed advice on things that you have to keep in mind, and what you should avoid. Providing practice examples and ideas. 

Guiding you through the whole design process that will help you draw your own lettering styles, without any calligraphy background.  


This video is a recording from a digital drawing, but I explain how to approach it while drawing on standard paper (using lightbox).

I also explain how to approach it in the tattoo process, what to keep in mind when tattooing the lettering design and what needle configurations I myself would normally use.

Runtime 45min