Here is more information on how to book in Anrijs for a tattoo - 


Depending on his availability , Anrijs tries to take new bookings 3 times a year for about 3-4 months at the time. 

All the info about booking dates / times -  will be posted on Anrijs's social media - Instagram and Facebook. 

Same for Tattoo conventions and Guest spots , it will be all posted when New appointments will become available.. 

But feel free to drop Anrijs a message to double check availability and discuss your tattoo ideas. 


All the bookings are done over the email, where you can discuss your ideas for the tattoo.  Anrijs can give advice about what would work better for the project and for your placement.

The price will depend on the detail / placement / size .
You may require multiple sessions if your tattoo will is going to be larger  and this can be planned and discussed while making your first booking. 



For any inquiries , art projects , collaborations  or any other information  , Please contact HERE - 

Thanks! Message sent.